Luxury Car Detailing

Meet Waco's Car Wash Professionals.

For your treasured vehicles, Texas Professional Detailing offers an alternative to the local car wash: all-by-hand car wash and auto detailing services that come to you.

Hummer Detailing

Car Detailing, On Your Schedule.

Instead of driving to the touchless car wash and waiting in line, our high-touch, all-by-hand mobile car wash comes to you — at your convenience.

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Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash: Because You Value Your Time.

Your free time is your most precious resource; our mobile service ensures you won’t waste it driving to the car wash or detail shop.

Car Wash Near Me Waco Texas

Full Service Car Wash: Because You Value Your Vehicle.

There’s no substitute for hand-washing a vehicle to preserve its condition; all our auto detail, wash, wax and restoration services are done fully by hand.

Waco Car Wash

The Best In Mobile Car Detailing: Because You Value Excellent Service.

A superior car wash with superior service: that’s the Texas Professional Detailing promise. We bring professional car cleaning to you!

Haywood and Mike came out to our jobsite today and they were absolutely amazing. Haywood has amazing customer service skills, he is very laid back and seems genuinely happy to be in the role of pleasing people and giving them the best product he can. Mike cleaned my truck (they had 8 or so cars to clean in 8 hours) and he did an AMAZING job. I never thought I would see my truck look that good again, it legitimately didn’t seem real. From the carpets to the pockets in my door and all the cracks and crevices in between, immaculate. He retracted every stain I was concerned would never come out. All around from the customer service to the product, this is one of the most amazing companies I have ever invested my money and time into and I can guarantee I won’t go anywhere else. I have put in my calendar for the next year to schedule an appointment every 3 months and I can count 8 other people that are in concurrence with me. If you have children and your car looks anything like mine did (panelling stained from juice, cereal and goldfish embedded in the carpet, etc.) then this is so the team for you. I give it 5 stars!!

Brianna A.

Additional Services Offered:

Steam Clean Engine



Clay Bar Paint Clean


Restore Headlights


Underbody Spray


NOTE: Price and time subject to change due to size and condition of vehicle. Please contact our office at (254) 235-2500 to schedule an appointment for exact pricing and services.

Auto Detailing

Mobile Detailing Means Never Waiting For A Car Wash Again

You’ve got an active, busy lifestyle — and at Texas Professional Detailing, we believe that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on keeping your vehicle clean.

Quite the opposite, in fact; our mobile service offers the best car detailing Waco Texas has to offer and a full range of professional services for your vehicle, all with the convenience of us coming to you, wherever you need us. At home, at the office, or anywhere else your vehicle might be, Texas Professional Detailing brings the mobile car wash Waco Texas vehicle owners deserve right to your doorstep.

Consider the process you use to find car wash services; you probably start by searching for “car wash near me” (or something similar) online. You call to find out their hours, and try to schedule a time when you can be there while they’re open for business. Once at your local Waco car wash, you get in line and wait to be helped. Then you wait while the wash and detail (and whatever other services you need) are finished. Then you drive home, or back to the office, or wherever you’ve got to be next.

Now consider the alternative: with our mobile car wash Waco Texas car owners now have the opportunity to schedule an appointment for our car cleaning technicians to meet your vehicle wherever it might be — and whenever is most convenient for you. They bring along with them the best hand washing equipment available, as well as years of experience caring for cars and trucks as if they were their own.

The result is a professionally detailed vehicle without the hassle of getting to the car detail shop. We bring professional car cleaning to you!

Local Car Wash

More Than A Mobile Car Wash, We’re Your Full Service Car Cleaning And Restoration Professionals

With unmatched convenience and exceptional attention to detail, Texas Professional Detailing focuses on offering a hands-on Waco car detailing service that’s second to none.

You’ll never settle for anything less after we come to you and handle your wash and detail — but there’s more to our offerings than just a great wash. We also offer a variety of other services a la carte or as part of a package, including waxing, carpet shampooing, leather restoration, headlight restoration, and wheel cleaning.

Whether you’re sprucing up a recently cleaned vehicle as part of a regular cleaning schedule, or are bringing in a car that’s suffered from a lack of attention for some time, our professionals have the expertise to bring out the beauty you remember from the first day you brought the vehicle home — or, in some cases, we’ll do even better.

We are Waco’s most recommended specialists in car cleaning — not just because of the convenience of a mobile car wash that comes to you, and not just because of our ability to schedule wash and detail services around our customers’ lives, rather than our own.

Texas Professional Detailing has earned the trust of our customers because we look after your vehicle with all the care and attention you’d give it if you had the time yourself — and had our team’s experience in making every car look showroom-spectacular.

Our Hours Are Your Hours.

Once you’ve experienced the difference a great mobile car detailing service like Texas Professional Detailing offers, you’ll never go back. Call us today to schedule a wash and detail, wherever and whenever you need — and let us bring professional car cleaning to you!