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We’ve eliminated what is often the single biggest capital expense for a local car wash operation — the physical property where the car wash is located. That’s produced a savings that gives our mobile operations the flexibility to stay up with the “latest and greatest” in terms of technology, training, and even car care products. In an automotive industry where the fabrics and materials are constantly changing, the ability to stay current with the right cleaning agents and methodologies to maintain them properly is critical; and as the classic cars of yesterday continue to age, new technologies are emerging to help us care for them better than we ever could before.

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We’ve leveraged not only the best equipment money can buy for our mobile car wash and detail operations, but also the best in local talent — car care experts who have been in the game here in Waco for years, and who have a real passion for the work. We hire detailing pros who will “dig in” to clean your car with the same level of care we’d want for our own vehicles, seasoned veterans who were the sort who went after their own cars with a cotton swab after they left the local car wash. We know them when we meet them — and we hire them.

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We’re one of the most adaptive, disruptive small companies in business today, taking the idea of a full-service local car wash and making it fully mobile. The result is a car wash experience that the big companies simply can’t match; no matter how comfortable their waiting rooms might be, they’re not as comfortable as your own home. And no matter how good their wifi is, it can’t match the experience of getting your physical shopping done while someone else cleans your car. At Texas Professional Detailing we’ve made a lot of eyebrows go up — and we’re happy to say we’ve created a lot of new customers who are sticking with us.

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We know you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to a local car wash service; we also know you’re probably just like us and are tired of waiting in line to get a decent wash and detail done. That’s why we’re so confident you’ll prefer the experience we offer at Texas Professional Detailing — a mobile car wash with the highest level of service at affordable prices.

Once you see how easy it is to save hours with a mobile car wash like ours, you’ll never go back to the brick and mortar car wash chains — we guarantee it!

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A Local Car Wash Experience To Challenge The Chains

There are a lot of businesses that can’t compete with the big chains; we’ve seen it throughout Waco over the years, across Texas, and indeed everywhere in the country. It’s hard to set yourself up as a business on anything resembling a level playing field when the large corporations get involved — they’ve got assets and manpower that can make it difficult to attract new customers (or retain the old ones). Customers want value for their dollar; they want the best possible service at the lowest possible price, and when you’re going up against the biggest names in chain stores, it’s hard to beat them at their own game.

That’s why we went ahead and changed the way car washes are done here in Waco. Welcome to the mobile car wash revolution.

We’ve turned the traditional local car wash operation on its ear; rather than having a single brick and mortar location — or even several across the Waco region — we’ve put our car wash and detail experts into mobile vehicles, and equipped those vehicles with the latest in car care technology. The result is a car wash experience that comes to you, whenever and wherever you want — and a business model the chains can’t “push” us out of.

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